Working in the Exam Review/Summary screen (web & mobile)

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Working in the Exam Review screen (web browser):

Selecting an exam from either the exam card view or exam list view opens the exam in the Exam Review screen. This article explains how to work within this screen.

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Working in the Exam Summary screen (mobile app):

Selecting an exam opens the exam in the Exam Summary screen. This article explains what you can do from the Exam Summary screen.

From the Exam Summary screen, you can:

  • View the exam’s images and video clips.
  • Complete or review the exam worksheet.


  • The patient/exam information that displays is dependent on availability. For example, there may not be a patient name listed on the exam card if the information was not entered on the ultrasound system.
  • Access and visibility to features in the Exam Summary screen are dependent on your permission levels set by the clinical administrator.


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